Batch processing – Resizing and embedding watermarks into images using ImageMagick for Windows and Linux

March 19, 2017

As a response to a recent question I came across, I want to share a simple bash script for embedding a watermark image/logo and resizing multiple images at the same time for online publishing.

Adjust exif timestamp on command-line with exiftool

November 30, 2013

I just realized that I forgot to change the timezone/time settings in my camera since I am back from Asia (~6month). In order to fix the timestamp on all my photos I made during this time period I used exiftool for doing this on the command-line.

Switch active window via shortcut between two monitors on linux

January 25, 2011


Acer 1825 use special button above ESC in GNOME for activating/deactivating gyro auto rotation

December 13, 2010

The Acer 1825 has a special Button for recovery purpose (in windows) above the ESC Key to use this button for a arbitrary script following steps are necessary (in general it is the same procedure like shown in this post read more

Bash Script for converting DOS to UNIX textfiles

March 7, 2010

This is a short bash script, which I have written as a homework in my studies. It converts all files in parameters from DOS to UNIX or from UNIX to DOS, depending on their current style.


have fun with it!