Source released for KinectProvider4MultitouchVista – Augmented multitouch with Microsoft Kinect

February 8, 2013

Like promised, today the release of the sources to my “Augmented multitouch with Microsoft Kinect” project, see last post . This extension for the MultiTouchVista framework gets the name KinectProvider4MultitouchVista and can now be find on my github account – read more

Augmented multitouch with Microsoft Kinect

January 15, 2013

I am glad to present something I worked on at my current workplace Tandemic. Much thanks for giving me the possibility!

Get some impressions in these videos:

The awesome video by Lena:

The less awesome recorded video but with some explanations from myself: read more

Using ginn for adding multitouch gestures to ubuntu (for Acer 1825)

February 20, 2011

In my last post I explained were you found a tutorial for installing a real multitouch driver for the ACER 1825 and said I don’t know how to use these multitouch support. Thanks to Tom/drnessie who recommended ginn to me.