Android-x86 ICS 4.0.4 for Acer1000 series – Beta 4 (Acer Aspire Timeline 1825, 1820, 1810, 1425, 1420, 1410 and compatible Packard Bell (Butterfly Touch …), Acer Aspire One and Samsung N145)

By Christopher, August 15, 2012

Hi guys,

I am very sorry that I have not answered all your comments yet, I try to do it when I have more time. This release is only the long announced development version from me with the first version of the ARM-Emulator included. Its different from current official implementation, because I have no time in the moment to update or work on my build….this situation will remain at least for entire September, because I am currently finishing my master-thesis before I leave the country for a while with destination South Asia… so you could imagine I have a lot things to do and to organize. But for keeping you satisfied this build with included ARM emulator will allow you to play a lot of games from Google Play like the famous Angry Birds. But keep in mind not all apps are working with this emulation but a lot! For everybody who hops I have integrated other drivers e.g. new wifi drivers, new kernel … I am sorry to promise you…no time, I have worked last months 24/7….I try to fulfill your requirements in the future but be patient I do not earn anything from this…. download: Acer1000s-ICS-x86-beta4 (169B)
added: 15/08/2012
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description: Custom build of ICS-x86 for Acer 1825,1820, 1810 ,1425,1420, 1410 and similar devices


Enjoy this build!