Android-x86 for Acer 1825 and others development terminated

By Christopher, April 30, 2013

Many of you guys have maybe already thought, that I will not continue the Android-x86 development for the Acer 1825 and all the other laptops I was supporting as well in the mean time, because there was a long time without any updates. But actually the reason was, that since I am in Malaysia I had not much time to work on this and much more I did not have a proper machine for building. So my plan was to continue the development once I am back at home in Germany, what is actually very soon.

But fortune was taking another way, so sad for me and also for all of you guys who used my build all over the world, my poor, poor Acer was snatched from me while I was working in a Park me around a week ago. This is not only sad, because I lost my nice hardware, even so I lost data…..So very disappointing for me….  I am very sorry, but now I do not own a x86 touch device anymore and that is the reason why I will now finally terminate my Android-x86 efforts…even I had other plans…

But if anyone find or see my laptop!!! Please, please contact me, I would at least like to get some data back. It should be easy to recognize:

  • Acer 1825PT with German QWERTZ layout
  • Red color
  • Below the keyboard is a GNOME footprint sticker blue  background with white footprint
  • I does not have anymore the original harddisk, I replaced it with a 1TB Fujitsu harddisk
  • The system is multiboot with a bunch of different version of Android-x86 (Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and ICS), Ubuntu and Win7

Old pictures I could find:acer Android Froyo on Acer 1825PT