Android-x86 Honeycomb 3.2 for Acer1825 series – Beta 2

December 19, 2011

[Beta 3 available:]

After some positive feedback on beta 1 release of Honeycomb-x86 for Acer1825 series convertible laptops I spend some time (too much time I think ;-)) on improving it.

So now the second release (beta 2) is available: read more

Android-x86 Honeycomb 3.2 for Acer1825 series

December 8, 2011

[Beta 2 available:]

So its long time ago that I wrote  something about Android-x86 and my Acer1825 but now I could tell, that I was not lazy in between.

I was working on builds based on the former work for froyo-x86 of arobase (we are still in contact, but he does not own the Acer1825 anymore). read more

Install all Google Apps on Androidx86 with Market,Mail and everything else

April 22, 2011

I made huge progress on using my installed androidx86 on my Acer1825(build). Today I found out, how to install all google apps included synchronization of mail,contacts.. and all funny apps like google talk, maps, youtube and don`t forget the original google market!!! And I can say it works. I can’t believe, it works! read more

Android x86 Multiboot with Win7 and Ubuntu on Acer1825

April 17, 2011

Most of you know that nice Androidx86 release from arobase for the Acer1825, but a lot of you asked for installation on hard-disk. I have done it and here comes, how it works:

First my start configuration: I had a installation of Windows7 (seldom used) (NTFS) and Ubuntu 10.10 on LVM(ext4), no free space for a new partition. read more

Android Froyo on Acer 1825 and maybe 1425

February 5, 2011

Arobase40, the guy who to much of the Ubuntu customisation for the Acer 1825, write a interesting comment on one of my acer 1825 post and I decided, that this information is too important to let it stay as one of n comments.

He wrote: