Android-x86 Honeycomb 3.2 for Acer1825 series – Beta 2

By Christopher, December 19, 2011

[Beta 3 available:]

After some positive feedback on beta 1 release of Honeycomb-x86 for Acer1825 series convertible laptops I spend some time (too much time I think ;-)) on improving it.


So now the second release (beta 2) is available: download: Acer1825-Honeycomb-x86-beta2 (169B)
added: 18/12/2011
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description: Custom build of honeycomb-x86 for Acer1825 and similar devices (second release)



In general everything mentioned in the former post for beta 1 is still right, expect following changes and additions:

  • I have improved the accelerometer-hal driver for the auto-rotation with a detection of the current mode of the device –> detects laptop-mode and tablet-mode and mirrors one of the accelerometer axises dependent on it. The Acer1825 sends special key-commands if you flip from laptop to tablet mode and vice versa. I detect these events inside the driver,  but one tiny problem is, that I could not detect the current mode if you do not change the mode, so default mode after boot-up is laptop-mode, if you boot-up in tablet-mode you need to switch the mode one time.
  • Ethernet is working now. If you want to use Ethernet you may need to deactivate and activate it on the first use. I could improve and integrate some patch from  Henry from the android-x86 discussion group. More information for developers:
  • HDPI option is removed from boot menu
  • Fixed display-timeout option “never” so could be used now
  • Removed apps: Google Books, Open device and some simple, non-touch  demo games
  • Removed Facebook app because integrated version was not at state of play and has some problems, if you want facebook you could get it from market.
More important tips and information:
  • The accelerometer axises are located in the base body of the device and not inside the display part, so playing labyrinth games (or similar things) is possible and makes a lot of fun, but you need to do such things in tablet-mode!
  • You could disable the blinking red frame borders with the app: dev-tools->Development Settings->DropDown Selection on StrictMode visual indicator:off
  • Because some user asks about using a device partition as sd-card please check: following site for further information:
New known problems:
  • Location detection with wifi do not work.
  • Some users reported that they have sometimes problems with loosing wifi settings and connection or problems with connceting to some AP(deactivate and activate it if you run in such problems) –> I could not recognize such behavior on my device