Android Froyo on Acer 1825 and maybe 1425

By Christopher, February 5, 2011

Arobase40, the guy who to much of the Ubuntu customisation for the Acer 1825, write a interesting comment on one of my acer 1825 post and I decided, that this information is too important to let it stay as one of n comments.

He wrote:

“If anyone interested for an Android Froyo alpha test file for the 1825PT(Z), and probably for the 1425P :

Download it from here :

Use a liveusb-creator to copy the internal files on a USB key or burn it on a CD.

No access to your hard disk if used as Live System, so it should not mess your system.

Don’t install it on your HDD unless you know what you do.

Don’t blame me if something goes wrong and use it at your risk !

Best Regards”

I am very busy at the moment with exam preparation, but if I will find some free minutes… I will test it soon and describe my experiences. But beforehand much thanks to arobase40 from the ubuntu forum.


I was not able to hold me back from trying it out! I made a bootable USB-Stick with unetbootin (could you install from package manager). Some more possibilities of making a USB-stick bootable:

First try and Android boots fine. Resolution seems good, Touch works out of the box (I think only single-touch, but I am not sure), WIFI could be activated, but I can`t find my WLAN..? I don`t know why, I do only play around 5 minutes.

Here some picture proofs: