Android-x86 Honeycomb 3.2 for Acer1825 series

By Christopher, December 8, 2011

[Beta 2 available:]

So its long time ago that I wrote  something about Android-x86 and my Acer1825 but now I could tell, that I was not lazy in between.

I was working on builds based on the former work for froyo-x86 of arobase (we are still in contact, but he does not own the Acer1825 anymore).

For a while I was working on a gingerbread-x86 build for the Acer, which is also running quite well but has still problems with sound –> only sound on headphones (if someone is interested in a build I could also provide one –> let me know).

My newer honeycomb port do not have this problems and runs quite well all in all with some restrictions (see below).

The build is for the same devices like the old froyo builds from arobase, but only tested on my Acer1825, if someone could provide test results for a device of the 1820,1420 or 1425 series or of some Packard Bell clone I would be glad to know about.

Honeycomb-x86 for Acer1825 with:

  • graphics acceleration
  • multi-touch
  • high volume sound (difference to old froyo release)
  • auto-rotation with accelerometer (not for 180° because Android stock do not have this feature) –>that was wrong information: its working in all directions and also stock android since honeycomb supports this feature
  • wifi
  • battery status
  • integrated google apps
  • SD-Card
  • additional file manager
  • suspend with tricky resume* (because of old kernel from gingerbread, with newer honeycomb kernel you loose touch after resume)
  • hard-disk installation tested on ext2 partition
* you need to hold the keys for home or … quite a long time to resume but it is possible
without/not working:
  • ethernet (not support on stock android-x86 at the moment)
  • camera
  • google books app is buggy… don’t know
  • changeable keyboard layout on terminal
  • screen timeout” never” crashes settings app
  • P-button forces reboot
So let me know how it is working on your devices! Here is the download: download: Acer1825-Honeycomb-x86-beta1 (169B)
added: 08/12/2011
clicks: 1724
description: Custom build of honeycomb-x86 for Acer1825 and similar devices
Below you see a example on how you could configure grub for your ubuntu, windows, android 2.2 and android 3.2 environment if you install to hdd like explained here.
exec tail -n +3 $0
# This file provides an easy way to add custom menu entries. Simply type the
# menu entries you want to add after this comment. Be careful not to change
# the 'exec tail' line above.

menuentry "Android-x86 3.2" {
set root=(hd0,4)
linux /android-2011-12-04/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot_hardware=aspire1000s acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/android-2011-12-04 DATA= DPI=160
initrd /android-2011-12-04/initrd.img

menuentry "Android-x86 2.2" {
set root=(hd0,4)
linux /android-2011-03-28/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot_hardware=aspire1825 acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/android-2011-03-28 DATA= DPI=160
initrd /android-2011-03-28/initrd.img

Some tips for the start:

  • auto-rotation is made for the tablet-mode of the device, so it is inverted in laptop-mode. If you want default orientation in laptop mode shift the device backwards until it flips back
  • set screen-timeout to 30min in settings->screen
  • you have two versions of the music app, one version is from google and looks a bit nicer
  • google books app has some problems, I did not figure out how it could be used…
Tested working apps:
  • browser
  • gmail
  • calendar
  • google maps
  • google market
  • google talk
  • email
  • google places
  • youtube
  • facebook
  • music
  • google search
  • OI file manager
  • evernote
Big thanks to arobase who helped me with questions every time I asked him!