Install all Google Apps on Androidx86 with Market,Mail and everything else

By Christopher, April 22, 2011

I made huge progress on using my installed androidx86 on my Acer1825(build). Today I found out, how to install all google apps included synchronization of mail,contacts.. and all funny apps like google talk, maps, youtube and don`t forget the original google market!!! And I can say it works. I can’t believe, it works!

Ok now everybody is interested in how I did it and here it comes:

First you need this package from a prominent phone mod, it includes all google apps + twitter and facebook

For the Acer1825 Froyo version I suggest this package:

I used mdpi because I found that’s the best dpi resolution on the acer1825, but if you like you could use the hdpi version as well.

If you want another version select it from this site Maybe if you use another laptop with newer gingerbread release, please try the gingerbread package.

Be careful of getting the corresponding android version (in my case froyo), other versiosn will not work, I tried it.

So if you have this zip file, you need to unpack it and write the included folder structure to your android device.

Now I will show you two possibilities of writing that stuff to your laptop.

First solution:

I did it with the android sdk tool adb (its inside android-sdk-linux_x86/platform-tools):

First connect to your laptop (you could get the IP by ALT+F1 and typing netcfg; back to GUI with ALT+F7)

./adb connect

Next push all files:

./adb push ~/Desktop/Downloads/gapps-mdpi-20110301-signed/system /system

You need to customize the path to your extracted zip archive.

After that, you only need to reboot (I can`t login without that reboot, don’t know why) your laptop and login to your google account and everything should work quite fine.


Ok another solution if you do not like to use the android sdk tools

Second solution:

Copy the system folder from the extracted archive to a SD card.

Put that sd card into your laptop.

Change to terminal ALT+F1

and type:

cp /mnt/sdcard/system /system -rf

now type


log into your google account and be happy!


Important requirement for the whole method is, that you must have installed android with writable system folder.