My way from Debian Squeeze to Ubuntu 10.10 on my new Acer Aspire 1825PT

By Christopher, October 10, 2010

Last week I got my new notebook a subnotebook from Acer 1825PT. A cute tool with fancy features like a touchscreen and touchpad with multitouch.  My first plan was putting debian squeeze on it (like I have on my desktop machine). Then I struggled with installing debian. First I wanted amd64 from squeeze. The available installer doesn’t work on my notebook. I used the usb version, because my notebook has no cd drive. The old lenny installer does work, but has problems with my hardware (ethernet,wifi –> old kernel). Next I used the lenny installer with updated kernel from . It worked, but in the available version the lvm support seemed to be broken and I wanted lvm. Ok next try, I read about unetbootin and checked it out. With unetbootin I was able to boot the newest debian squeeze installer from usb. I installed debian and had big problems with grub. The installer was not able to put grub into the mbs. Ok no problem I started a ubuntu 10.04 live usb version and used chroot (like in this description to install grub2. I got it working. Finally debian squeeze does its job on my new notebook. All basic features run fine: ethernet,wifi,sound,touchpad,suspend. But next problem the fancy stuff. Current kernel in debian squeeze 2.6.32 does not support my touchscreen –> I need 2.6.36. But this version is at the moment in debian experimental. I checked out the dependencies of the new experimental kernel and decided that are too many (only if you want kernel-headers too, which I wanted). After that I heard about the new ubuntu 10.10 which was published today which includes the kernel I need and so I give it a try! At the moment ubuntu 10.04 which I installed yesterday is updating to 10.10. I am anxious to see the touchscreen support. 45min left :D.

All in all the ubuntu 10.04 runs out of the box very good on the aspire 1825PT and I hope it will do the same job on 10.10 but with touchscreen support.

Update is coming soon.