Android-x86 ICS 4.0.3 for Acer1000 series – Beta 2[a] (Acer 1825, 1820, 1810, 1425, 1420, 1410 and compatible Packard Bell (Butterfly Touch …)) [UPDATED]

By Christopher, April 6, 2012


I am very proud to present you beta 2 of my Android-x86 ICS build for the Acer1000 series. Special credits to everybody who helped with testing my prereleases.

If you are new to Android on your Acer laptop/convertible  I suggest you reading over my old postings and the user comments from ICS  beta 1 and honeycomb  releases, because honeycomb is quite similar to ICS in usability and functionality and especially my builds. You will get a better feeling about which things are working and which not and could get some other clues like how to prepare a bootable usb device, how the prepare for multi-boot and so on.

Changes to beta 1:
  • Support of Acer 1810 and 1410 – Special thanks to Sergey for his testing endurance!  Because of difficulties on detecting the missing accelerometer you will only have full speed after installation on disk (if flash or harddrive does not care). In live mode android is polling all time sensors library without success, this results in high CPU load and lower speed in general [UPDATE! PROBLEM SOLVED IN UPDATED BETA2a]
  • Support of Virtualbox including Ethernet –> same problem with sensors library like above [UPDATE! PROBLEM SOLVED IN UPDATED BETA2a]
  • Improved  compatibility with unknown devices –> extended hardware support. Because of that my target should also run on other devices from Acer and Packard Bell with different configurations like Atom processors, different wifi, ethernet … but you will also have problems with sensors library like above –> Let me know about your test results on different hardware from Acer/Packard Bell
  • Updated Google Apps –> Solves problems with Google Play
  • Replaced AOSP Apps Browser, Gallery, Calendar and Music2 by special Google versions, enables Google synchronization of these apps
  • Added/Created Russian(Cyrillic) hardware keyboard layout (if other layouts are required, let me know, I could guide you how you could create one)
  • Added Huawei libraries for support of UMTS sticks (requested by users) (not working out of the box, may need futher changes and I do not own such device)
  • Corrected axis orientation of accelerometer in laptop-mode, therefore you need to flip towards yourself and not away from you (like in the past) if you want to force normal orientation in laptop-mode
  • Improved Ethernet implementation, so you will get feedback about your Ethernet connection in the task bar –> Because of this change you will also see an Ethernet icon if you are connected by WIFI. This problem needs further work in future…
  • Added support for multi-touch on touchpad –> you could scroll with two fingers in horizontal and vertical direction (try horizontal scrolling on home screen for switching screens), also zooming with pinch gesture is working but quite difficult because the touchpad is quite small
  • Improved setting for hardware keyboard selection, you do not need to select the keyboard device before selecting the layout if you only have one device.
  • Improved battery update routine
  • May improved freezing problems, I am unsure, but I do not recognize these freezes anymore –> please report your experiences

I HAVE UPDATED THE BUILD TO VERSION “2A”. Now its also running fast up from first boot on devices without Accelerometer download: Acer1000s-ICS-x86-beta2a (169B)
added: 06/04/2012
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description: Custom build of ICS-x86 for Acer 1825,1820, 1810 ,1425,1420, 1410 and similar devices (second release) [UPDATED at 08.04.12]

My complete code and changes are now available on GitHub:

Known problems (and no idea how to solve them in the moment 😉 ):

  • Speech recognition in google search and other apps  is not working but Speech dial and Audio recording is working (I could only test with a external mic because my internal is broken, could anyone confirm this for the internal mic?) –> Google speech recognition could not work because it is based on native ARM libraries (like many games)…
  • Mic recordings are very noisy in general
  • Suspending often resumes several times until it will keep in sleep state
  • Location tracking with wifi is not working (may also a issue with dependencies to some native libraries)
  • Some youtube videos are working, some not
  • The P-button forces a reboot of the device and can’t be used for useful things.
  • Bluetooth is only working if already enabled during boot
  • Everybody who has problems with accelerometer/screen orientation on rotating the device please update your device to latest bios version and try again. If it is not working, check my instructions in comments from ics beta 1 and provide me necessary keycodes

Handy tips

  • On the first start you could use the “Setup Wizard”, but its not necessary, just select one option
  • The boot parameters have another minor change (added pcie_aspm=force for improved power management), if you want to integrate your installation to a existing grub2 with a custom entry see my example below (keep in mind you have to change the device and partition number)

For beta2:

menuentry "Android-x86 4.0 beta 2" {
set root=(hd0,4)
linux /android-2012-04-06/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=aspire1000s acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode pcie_aspm=force SRC=/android-2012-04-06 DATA= DPI=160
initrd /android-2012-04-06/initrd.img

For beta2a:

menuentry "Android-x86 4.0 beta 2" {
set root=(hd0,4)
linux /android-2012-04-08/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=aspire1000s acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode pcie_aspm=force SRC=/android-2012-04-08 DATA= DPI=160
initrd /android-2012-04-08/initrd.img


Let me know how my build is working for you and if you enjoy it. If you want to give constructive feedback please report first which exact device you are using (1810, 1820 …)