Android-x86 ICS 4.0.3 for Acer1000 series – Beta 1 (Acer 1825, 1820, 1425, 1420 and compatible Packard Bell (Butterfly Touch …))

By Christopher, March 8, 2012

Beta 2 is available –>

I am very proud to present you my new Android-x86 build for the Acer1000 series, which is the first version of the Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) 4.0.3. release. This release is up to date with current development status of the repo and includes the gapps package.

If you are new to Android on your Acer laptop/convertible  I suggest you reading over my old postings and the user comments from the honeycomb  releases, because honeycomb is quite similar to ICS in usability and functionality and especially my builds. You will get a better feeling for which things are working and which not and could get some other clues like how to prepare a bootable usb device, how the prepare for multi-boot and so on.


This release takes me a lot of time and nerves, but I think I got a very nice beta 1. I struggled a lot with the new kernel and its problems with our wifi card and some other things, but read below.


What’s NEW in ICS-x86 in general and not done by myself 😉  and that is why you should pay tribute to all developers of Android-x86 and Android in general:

  • Bluetooth works (I have only tested file transfer from my Android smartphone)
  • Camera works
  • Poweroff by pressing shutdown twice in a second – pressing one time will suspend
  • SDcard and USB devices usable at the same time. At default internal storage is mounted to /mnt/sdcard. The card reader is mounted to /mnt/MicroSD and a usb mass storage will be mounted to /mnt/USB
  • No more differentiation between mdpi and hdpi and no more problems with that stuff
  • new wpa_supplicant and wifi interface –> let me know if this solves the  wifi problems of some people
  • SuperUser.apk with root behavior like on rooted phones, so Apps with necessary root access are now working (e.g. Titanium Backup)
What I did and what is different to current official releases (I try to contribute all general stuff as soon as possible):
  • I am still using the old 2.6.39 kernel because on all android 3.xx kernels our Intel 5100 wifi card is not working properly. To get the old kernel working with ics it was necessary to backport the hid-multitouch module from kernel 3.09 which is the default ics kernel version. Using the older 2.6.39 kernel has another advantage that it do not have the suspend bug with usb touchscreens of newer kernel versions. So at least on every second resume your touchscreen should work. This problem should be generally solved in kernels above 3.2.xx, but these are not available for android-x86 right now
  • the kernel is patched for ethernet-support and for supporting fan regulation for our Acer devices
  • the ethernet-support is patched into my build with some minor changes (enables support for userdebug build…)
  • special libsensor for the accelerometer of our devices -> enables auto-rotation (It was necessary to adapt it from honeycomb to ics because of minor changes in the sensor hal)
  • additional hardware keyboard layouts (QWERTY,AZERTY) and support for hardware keyboard layout selection in settings –> changes will apply after reboot (needs installation)
  • special Android-x86 boot logo
  • removed some unnecessary apps
  • auto detection for onscreen keyboard hiding  –> behaves like a slider phone if you switch from tablet to laptop mode and vice versa. Important is that I need to assume that the first status after boot up is laptop-mode. But independent from the mode you are booting up, the setting will be correct after first switch of  mode. The same applys to the accelerometer rotation shift functionality which was already available in honeycomb.
  • general adaption of kernel and other configs to the Acer devices
  • Supporting the 1810 and 1410 is new in comparison to my old builds, but not tested, so if anyone could give me some feedback I would be glad to know. [EDIT: It is not working right now, but tested and will be available in next beta] download: Acer1000s-ICS-x86-beta1 (169B)
added: 07/03/2012
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description: Custom build of ICS-x86 for Acer 1825,1820 ,1425,1420 and similar devices (first release)

Known problems (and no idea how to solve them in the moment 😉 ):

  • Speech recognition in google search and so on is not working but Speech dial and Audio recording is working (I could only test with a external mic because my internal is broken, could anyone confirm this for the internal mic?)
  • Mic recordings are very noisy in general
  • Suspending often resumes several times until it will keep in sleep state
  • Location tracking with wifi is not working
  • Some youtube videos are working some not
  • The P-button forces a reboot of the device and can’t be used for useful things.

Handy tips

  • On the first start you could use the “Setup Wizard”, but its not necessary, just select one option
  • The boot parameters has a minor change (androidboot.hardware instead of androidboot_hardware), if you want to integrate your installation to a existing grub2 with a custom entry see my example below (keep in mind you have to change the device and partition number)
menuentry "Android-x86 4.0 beta 1" {
set root=(hd0,4)
linux /android-2012-03-07/kernel quiet root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=aspire1000s acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode SRC=/android-2012-03-07 DATA= DPI=160
initrd /android-2012-03-07/initrd.img


So everybody let me know how its working for you and if you like it or not. If you want to give constructive feedback please report first which exact device you are using (1810, 1820 …)

I hope you will enjoy this build!


I will share all my code, changes and patches on github, but it will take some time to collect and prepare everything and I will not have much spare time in the near future.